According to a recent survey, an alarming high number of practices are unfamiliar of HIPAA laws and audits that could impact not only patient data but could result in heavy fines of up to $50,000 per violation. In fact, only 37% of practices believe that all of their electronic devices are fully compliant. 1 

Our research has found a high percentage of practices that show signs of basic flaws that allow for the theft of patient data – flaws that only show the tip of the iceberg. Why does this happen? We believe that small practice owners typically hire the services of web design companies that are unaware of HIPAA laws, which put the owners at risk of lawsuits and patients at risk of having their data stolen. 2 

Medco Central is an IT Consulting company that specializes in the development of secure sophisticated websites and email services that abide by the highest industry standards when it comes to protecting the transmission of data. We ensure that your practice follows HIPAA & ADA compliance on the web while facilitating Payment Processing, Patient Forms, Encryption and Hosting. 

HIPAA Services


Our websites are not only beautifully designed, they also adhere to several key points of security that ensure that patient data is well protected.

We ensure that you get the most suitable secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate for the type of content you are displaying and advise you on the best type of SEO standards that will improve your presence on the web so your practice can rank higher in organic search engine results.

We also provide you with a full assessment on the design and can supply you with a more modern logo that will increase your marketability and revenue.


Stop paying high fees to your current payment processing vendor and reduce staff time by securely billing your clients directly on your website with a state of the art secure payment processing gateway.

Patients can quickly enter their personal and payment details online and within seconds you will receive a notification for each transaction. In most cases, funds can be deposited in your business banking account within 48 hours.

Your online portal allows you to review historical payments, process refunds, collect and manage submitted data, and export records. Prices start at 3% per transaction.


Having non-secure forms is actually the No. 1 mistake made by medical practices. Collect your patient data securely through our HIPAA compliant forms.

Our forms are smart and allow for conditional processing and allow for mathematical calculations, which in allow you to collect your patient data in an improved form over your existing forms.

Our forms also allow for your patients to request appointments or transfer information securely to you. Imagine being able to ask a patient to send you their medical records or their credit card information. The options are endless.


Were you aware that if your practice meets a certain criteria, your website must be able to cater to anyone who is protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act? If you are found to be non-compliant, you could face tens of thousands of dollars in fines for each violation.

Our ADA compliance plugin ensures that anyone with a disability is able to access the content in a way that is suitable to their disability.

You can review and test our ADA compliant plugin by clicking the circle with the wheelchair at the top right hand side of our website.


Our HIPAA compliant servers not only provide a high degree of spam protection and encryption but they also have a very friendly user interface that your staff may already be familiar with using in the past.

They can also filter any outbound emails sent by your employees that include key Protected Health Information (PHI) patient data, such as social security numbers, from leaving your practice. In addition, emails that include authorized yet sensitive attachments have the option to be stored in a safe vault which requires additional security measures that help lower your exposure and risk.


Our affordable web servers are one of the fastest and most secure in the industry which means you do not have to pay for additional distribution networks to deliver your web content to your patients. Every hosting package includes a BAA and a private area for your staff to store any files for easy access.

We offer two options, one which is managed by our staff who are able to help ensure the data is securely stored and the other where we give you full control where your staff can manage the account. Schedule an appointment with a consultant today to find out more.

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