Secure Payment Processing

Many of our medical practice clients ask us: How can we bill clients directly through our website? The main reason is that they pay very large fees to medical billing companies who have high overhead and the third party medical service companies charge monthly or per transaction fees.

We don’t. We connect you directly with our preferred payment processor and our secure form processing service which allows for one time, recurring, minimum, and conditional payments. We train your staff on how to use the payment process so you can review payments, issue refunds, and manage funds directly. The only fees you pay are directly to the secure form provider and payment processors.

 Our philosophy is to empower you by cutting out the middle man and to connect directly with our partners. This minimizes overhead and additional costs. We do this by simply charging a one-time set-up fee and only hourly fees when needed; believe us, we rarely hear from our clients regarding payments! We also offer discounts through our partnership network.

Contact us to find out more about our PCI/HIPAA compliant form processing.